In-depth discussion about the rolling utility cart and other wheeled carts

Rolling Utility Cart

A rolling utility cart is a convenient hand truck with wheels that offers easy transportation.

A rolling utility cart is a necessary tool if you have heavy equipment that you need to move from place to place.  These are helpful for tools if you’re doing any sort of home repair or garage work.  But also a rolling utility cart is useful for carrying heavy kitchen supplies or even computer hardware with ease.  This saves you the hassle of having to carry heavy equipment back and forth by hand, which can really save your back muscles.  Really, it’s just a matter of choosing the cart that contours to your specific needs the best.

Rolling utility carts are essentially a set of shelves on wheels, that make carrying any type of equipment easier, as you move from place to place.  There are a variety of different types as well.  Which cart is right for you depends on how you’ll be using it.  There are models made for outdoor use, heavy duty equipment or simply kitchen wares.  All are basically of the same design, but are manufactured in a different way to perfectly serve the intended purpose.

An outdoor rolling utility cart is usually much different in design from an indoor version.  For starters, an outdoor cart is likely to have wheels with large treads to provide traction on any surface.  Also a model intended for use outside is more likely to be carrying very heavy equipment, and so will be made from a more heavy duty material.  Typically, strong plastics or metal are your best choice, because they handle the elements and a lot of weight very well.  Also an outdoor cart will have large handles with grips so that you can firmly hold the cart, no matter what you’re carrying at the moment.

An indoor model usually varies in style as well as functionality.  Typically indoor rolling utility cart wheels aren’t treaded, but are small and smooth to conform to sensitive indoor floors.  The wheels are also usually much softer.  This is because most indoor surfaces can be easily scratched, so these wheels can easily carry a lot of weight without scratching or smudging the floor.  Typically for kitchen wares you’ll want a cart made from stainless steel so that you can easily clean the cart, and keep it food safe.  For anything else in home you can find cheap carts intended for indoor use that are made from plastic.

When you’re looking to purchase a rolling utility cart, you’ll have to choose a store that’s most likely to have what you’re looking for.  Hardware stores like Home Depot are a good place to go for strong outdoor carts.  For a kitchen specific indoor cart you can use a store like Target or Walmart.  You can also use online retailers like to find exactly what you need.  Typically an indoor cart will cost you from $50 and up for a sturdy model.  For an outdoor rolling utility cart you can expect to pay $70 or better, to really find a design that will get the job done.